As an independent and owner-managed private equity firm, where our team members personally invest in each transaction, our interests are aligned with our partners in every situation. Our investment and value-creation objectives are clear and transparent.

We encourage our potential business partners to seek references on ARX and its individual international team members in order to gain a first-hand understanding of our reputation.

As a leading private equity firm in its segment in the CE region, ARX possesses immense experience and a deep and reliable investment track-record. We have been active in our region for 20 years, completing more than 30 transactions.

Brian Wardrop
Managing Partner
Michal Aron
Tomáš Lánský
Béla Lendvai-Lintner
Radil Stefovski
Investment Director
Ivana Tesař
Investment Manager
Martin Medo
Investment Manager
Jaroslav Horák
Investment Committee Chairman
Jacek Korpała
Co-Managing Partner