Why ARX?

The firm’s activities are managed by a senior team of experienced investment professionals, which combines deep international expertise plus in-depth local understanding. We believe that the unique attributes of ARX are core to what we bring to the table in every transaction and every business partnership.

Blue-chip Institutional Pedigree. ARX has successfully raised and managed four successive private equity funds, with more than € 300 million under management. Our investor base consists of major institutional international investors that have placed their trust in the ARX team. While the core of the ARX investor base consists of blue-chip institutional investors, ARX is structured as an independent partnership and the locally based ARX team retains full autonomy and decision-making authority.

Track-record. ARX has a successful and consistent 20-year track record as a private equity investor in the CE region, and our team consists of many of the most respected and experienced professionals in the CE private equity industry.

Partnership Driven. Our aim is to create long-term enduring business partnerships in order to build great companies in the CE region. At ARX we believe in the power of partnership – and we are convinced that partnering effectively, fairly and transparently with company owners and managers will allow us to achieve this aspiration.

Expertise. We possess proven expertise in delivering transaction solutions and also working as a co-shareholder in mid-sized CE companies to build value. In particular, ARX is the leading player within our transaction size range in succession-driven investing in our target countries. We are experts in supporting portfolio company growth via both internationalization and add-on acquisition strategies. Over half of the ARX investments over the last decade have either completed a complementary acquisition or executed on a significant internationalization strategy.

Predictability. Our reputation as a trustworthy and reliable transaction partner is based on a long and transparent track-record. ARX is a dependable shareholder and we are mindful of the responsibility to ensure the legacy of our portfolio companies. We deliver what we promise and we personally stand behind our commitments.

The ARX Approach

We target investments in companies meeting the following criteria

Medium-sized companies typically valued between € 10 million and € 50 million.

Profitability at EBITDA level (minimum € 1 million).

Headquartered or primarily operating in the CE region.


We are proven investors in the following situations

Some or all owners would like to divest entirely from the business in order to pursue other business or life opportunities.

An owner (or ownership group) would like to partially divest of its shareholding in order to diversify personal assets, while still retaining a substantial shareholding alongside ARX.

Managers of a company would like to become co-owners of the business with our financial support (management buy-out or MBO).

An outside management team would like to acquire a company with our financial support (management buy-in or MBI).

A corporation is seeking to divest a CE subsidiary.

A company is seeking growth capital to strengthen its market position, acquire a complementary business, introduce new products or internationalize the business.

If you are aware of an opportunity meeting these characteristics, we will be pleased to engage in a confidential and non-committal exploratory discussion.