About ARX

ARX Equity Partners is an established private equity firm that supports the growth of mid-sized companies in Central Europe (“CE”). ARX target companies are typically valued between € 10 million and € 50 million.

We partner with owners, managers and other stakeholders with the aim of realising the full potential of companies, while achieving superior returns for our investors and partner entrepreneurs. ARX has been successfully investing in the CE region for two decades and we are proud of our results.

The core elements of the ARX investment philosophy


Partnership. At ARX we believe in the power of successful partnerships. Our primary goal is to partner with owners and managers in releasing growth potential and developing businesses. Our firm also provides financing to entrepreneurially-minded managers in order to fund management buy-out and management buy-in (MBO & MBI) transactions.

Aligned Incentives. We are focused on increasing shareholder value for the investors in our funds and correspondingly for the partners and co-shareholders in each portfolio company. Our objective is value-creation and this approach is transparent to all parties.

Long-term Orientation. ARX is an established long-term player in the CE private equity market, and our investment philosophy is centered around building enduring value in our portfolio companies over the long-run.





Tailored Solutions. We create flexible investment solutions for owner-managers, which often satisfy the needs of business owners who may be approaching gradual or phased succession situations. Most ARX target companies are management or family-owned enterprises that require complex and discrete financing solutions. Our firm is experienced in successfully delivering such solutions, and we encourage you to check our references if you are facing a potential shareholder succession situation.

Ethics. ARX is a reputable and responsible investor – and we hold ourselves to a high standard in this regard. We are proud of our reputation and transactional track-record with business owners, managers, lenders and other stakeholders. At ARX we firmly believe that our firm’s reputation for fairness and ethical treatment of business partners is one of our most valuable assets.