ARX Equity Partners (“ARX”) has completed the exit of its investment in Lanex a.s. (“Lanex”). Czech entrepreneur and industrialist, Rudolf Bochenek, acquired Lanex on November 18, 2014.

Lanex is a specialized producer of ropes and fibers with wide assortment range covering climbing, marine, paper and hobby applications, as well as production of fibers for further processing. The company holds the market leadership position in the Czech Republic and is the third largest producer of paper carrier ropes in the world. Lanex is also among the top 5 producers of climbing and safety ropes globally.

ARX partnered with Lanex’s CEO Rudolf Gregorica and acquired a majority stake in Lanex in October 2008 in a management buyout transaction. During its investment period, ARX supported investment into new production technologies and entering into new markets, including the establishment of a production subsidiary in Russia. As a result of strengthened product development and increased sales activities, Lanex has consistently grown sales and profitability and will achieve € 31 million in sales and € 3 million in EBITDA in 2014.

ARX Partner Tomas Lansky commented, ”Lanex is an example of a niche Central European manufacturer with solid know-how and competitive advantage, which is able to compete and successfully expand globally. Lanex has doubled its profit margin compared to 2008 when ARX initially invested, which was a result of a solidified position on the Czech market and a successful international expansion“.