DC Bled makes first add-on in Slovenia

ARX Equity Partners controlled diagnostic healthcare operator DC Bled has completed its first acquisition of the diagnostics center Medi Cons in July 2016. Medi Cons is based in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. The acquisition will allow DC Bled to strengthen its presence in the South East part of the country and to expand its diagnostic capabilities into the field of cardiology. Medi Cons performs more than 3,000 procedures a year. The acquisition of Medi Cons marks an important milestone for DC Bled, as it is the first step in the execution of a broader market consolidation buy-and-build strategy. Further acquisitions and organic expansion of cardiology services is expected in the near future. DC Bled is on-track to organically grow by 10% in 2016. ARX Equity Partners acquired DC Bled in 2015 together with the experienced healthcare investor and founder of Euromedic Joseph Priel.