In early 2007 ARX was introduced to Tomplast, which was a successful Slovenian producer of injection moulded plastic components. The company was owned at the time by husband and wife close to retirement age without a logical management successor in the family. As such, the owners preferred a transaction solution whereby 100% of the business was sold to a new owner that was also in a position to provide a management solution and a clear future for Tomplast.

ARX was impressed with the level of manufacturing know-how and sophistication in the company – thus ARX formed an investment thesis whereby we would expand Tomplast while capitalizing on these key strengths.

In July 2007 ARX completed the acquisition of Tomplast, together with a management buy-in CEO, in a transaction that provided the desired full exit for the retiring founders. ARX also committed additional follow-on funding for the future expansion, while concurrently securing long-term debt financing for the business.

Since the date of the initial ARX investment, Tomplast has:

  • Identified and executed the complementary add-on acquisition of UnitPlast (acquired in early 2008),
  • Further internationalized the company while diversifying the customer base,
  • Invested into new technologies,
  • Succeeding in becoming a developer/supplier, which has further strengthened Tomplast’s position in the customer value chain,
  • Increased the proportion of revenues derived from the automotive sector, and increased revenues threefold while growing employment substantially.

In 2016 ARX sold Tomplast to an international financial investor, with an intention to further develop and expand the company.